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"Our Heroes and Heroines"

The theme for our contest is “Our Heroes and Heroines.” Do you know what that means? will discover the incredible stories of people who have had a giant impact on Ibero-America and the Caribbean!

We want you to learn more about those heroes and heroines who have forged our identity and helped make our land even better. These may include people who are brave, intelligent, or extremely talented in different ways.

We would love for you to do some research and tell us the stories of super brave women, indigenous peoples, and Afro-descendants. They are also an important part of our history and culture. Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure? Go ahead!

Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure?

Go ahead!



A writer, painter, or musician is born... this means that when a child starts primary school, he or she may already be naturally predisposed for some of those skills, even if he or she does not yet know it.

Gabriel García Márquez

These are the amazing prizes you can win!

You can take part in an incredible experience touring the most important places in Gabriel García Márquez’s life and stories. These places include Cartagena de Indias, Barranquilla, and Aracataca—the very town where Gabo was born. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about anything, because all lodging, meal, and transportation costs will be covered. You can also bring along one of your parents or a legal guardian.

The winning stories will be published in an anthology (both digital and hardcopy). Best of all, this book will be distributed free of charge by the Gabo Foundation and CAF - Development Bank of Latin America, so everyone can enjoy the wonderful stories you have created!

And that's not all, there’s even more! The winning stories will also be promoted and shared on both the Gabo Foundation’s and CAF - Development Bank of Latin America’s digital channels. You'll be famous online! Isn't that exciting? Don't waste any more time and start writing those amazing stories. We hope you’ll join us on this unforgettable adventure!

Who can participate in the contest?

This is a special invitation for all girls and boys aged between 10 and 13 living in any of the following countries: Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, or Venezuela.

What are the steps to participate?

The first thing to do is register on the platform.
You will need to fill out some personal data, such as your residence and contact information. In addition, you can choose a cool pseudonym to keep your identity secret.

Then, it’s time for your story! Your story must be submitted as a single document in Word, PDF, JPG, or PNG format.
Make sure your story has a fabulous title and that your pseudonym appears on the first page. Remember, don’t put your real name; let’s keep an air of mystery!

Before submitting your story, it is important that you read and accept the contest’s privacy and data processing policies. We want you to be safe and secure at all times.

Now, pay special attention to these important details!

Stories will only be received through the established registration platform. We want to make sure everyone has the same opportunities and that your stories are sent correctly.

As for the judging criteria, we will reward the creativity and narrative structure of your stories. Additionally, we will place great value on the research you have done. Remember what Gabriel García Márquez said: in order to tell something, you have to research and thoroughly know the facts, the characters, and the situations. So, do your research and surprise us with your knowledge and creativity.

Alright, young authors—now you have a clear understanding of the steps to follow, so send in your amazing stories. We are excited to read them! Get to work and shine like true writers! Good luck!

Before you hurry to register, please read the contest rules and conditions.

If you are excited to participate in this wonderful contest, here are the terms and conditions for you to download and review. .

If you have any questions, remember that you can always ask a trusted adult or the contest organizers.

The Gabo Foundation is an Ibero-American non-profit organizationcreated by Gabriel García Márquez in 1995. Inspired by the founder’s legacy and workshop method, the Gabo Foundation’s current mission is to inspire active citizens to ethically and creatively harness the transformative power of research and storytelling.

CAF – Development Bank of Latin America
This development bank is committed to improving the quality of life among all Latin American and Caribbean people. Its actions promote sustainable development and regional integration. They aim to become a green and blue bank, while focusing on the region’s economic and social recovery.

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